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Not Sure If Your Skin Is Sensitive—Five Trusted Ways to Discover That

by Meola India 01 Mar 2024

Understanding Sensitive Skin

You are here, reading this blog because you relate to the title. Not just you, a huge percentage of the world’s population believes in it. To be precise, on average, 65 percent of the adult population has sensitive skin but a handful of them realize it. With that nonrealization follows a list of wrong skincare regimes that worsens the problem of your skin. Have you tried everything that you saw on social media to attain that glamor and exquisiteness to realize later that the post wasn’t meant for your skin? We have heard many sharing the same story as above. Therefore, we wanted to come up with a blog that at least lets you know that your skin type is sensitive. You may need more attention and artistry to pamper your skin. Let’s get started then!

If you read online, you will find unlimited ways of finding out whether your skin is sensitive or not. Time is but, money, and not everyone can try all the ways. Also, it leads to more confusion and bad experiences. To make it easy peasy for you, we have churned out the best and trusted five ways to discover your sensitive skin. Read on and change your skin regime for good

  1. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction:

    Has it happened to you that you get lured by beautiful products in the market for skin and end up buying? This is not the actual question though. Hold your horses! After buying those products, have you used them only a few times because you have breakouts? If you are answering yes to this question, your skin is sensitive. Breakouts with acne-like bumps as well as pustules are pointing to your skin sensitivity.

  2. Wanted Vitamin D but got Vitamin T (tanning):

    There is no doubt that people who like to get tanned on purpose. If your exposure to sunlight creates a tan that doesn’t go for weeks and apart from the skin tan, you experience other skin problems too, such as redness, irritation, etc., you need a broad-spectrum sunscreen any day. Baby, your skin is sensitive, and you need to be cautious.

  3. Your skin is what you eat:

    Of course, we have heard this phrase; however, in this context, the connotation is something else. Our skin tends to glow and become healthier with what we eat and drink. Did you also know that our skin shows eczematic symptoms if we consume food items that may not be best suited for us? You can simply say that the skin is allergic. Observe what you eat or drink. If your skin shows irritation to that food, your skin is sensitive.

  4. Weather withers your beauty:

    Climate change has been playing a major role in showing how sensitive your skin is; however, you paid no heed. After reading this, did you go on a flashback and see how your skin changed color and temperament with the change of climate; especially when it is cold and breezy? This phase of your skin is nothing but communicating to you that there is something that the skin couldn’t adapt to.

  5. Let the dermatologist tell you:

    One of the quickest ways of learning that your skin is sensitive is by fixing an appointment with a dermatologist. Let the skin specialist do the required test and discover that for you.

Of all the five ways mentioned, meeting your dermatologist should be the top priority if your skin is acting in an inelegant manner more frequently. If the sensitivity to beauty products and the environment has just begun showing its color on your skin, you still have time to mend your ways. Knowing your skin type is an essential part of choosing a beauty regime that is meant for you. There are several products launched in the market, claiming that they are meant for sensitive skin. Meola’s XX product is one of a kind. Try their glacier range product and let the magic happen. You can trust them with your skin for that no-filter look every individual aspires to have. With Meola, you say Yes to Glacier and No to Filter.

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