Our Philosophy

Meola takes its inspiration from the mighty Meola glacier in the Himalayas and all the Earth around us. We believe that most of the solutions to our skin problems are available in nature and we feel responsible to bring those solutions to you so you can have good skin and great comfort that comes with it. 

In an increasingly unsustainable world with realities like Climate Change and Global Warming becoming the greatest problems of our times, we find it necessary to find skincare solutions in nature and return to our roots of Earth-based solutions to skin problems. We say that when most of the world’s skincare is chemical based and may have severe side-effects to the skin as well.

It is not a claim of Meola that all our products are 100% natural but it is our aim and part of our philosophy to turn Earth-based, while keeping transparency, show empathy, create curated products, while we are run by spirited individuals who will stop at nothing to make this dream come true. 

Our Mission 

Meola aims to make skincare a global human trend for all age groups in all stratas of society. 

We do this by informing our community about best skincare practices, providing Earth-based solutions, keeping transparency about our ingredients and processes, and work on the principle of human empathy.

What do we stand for?


We believe in being open about our ingredients and processes, and want you to know that you get the very best from us.


We strive to forge a deeper connection to the Earth, let her wisdom and beauty guide us to do better for ourselves and our planet.


We seek to emulate the strength and vitality of glacial rivers, have its spirit - the spirit that heals and nourishes the land it touches.


We believe it is vital to listen to, and understand others’ unique experiences, and trust in our ability to create a better tomorrow.


Our products are mindfully and consciously designed to offer you an indulgent experience that pampers your body and soul.